Conditions of Sale

1. Taxidermy Product Overview
Fuentes y Taxidermia S.L.  is a Spanish company with registered office in Ciudad Real, Calle Saturno, 35, with an electronic address and an Internet site accessible in; C.I.F. B-13536651.

2. Purpose
These general conditions of sale by Internet (hereinafter, the "General Conditions") regulate the sale by Internet of the products that Productos Taxidermia offers to the public (hereinafter, the "Products") for purchase at the address of (hereinafter referred to as the "Store") through the technical means that it incorporates (hereinafter,
the "Service"). These General Conditions complete the agreements established in the electronic purchase order (hereinafter, the "Purchase Order").

3. Adherence to the general conditions
The completion and sending of a Purchase Order expresses full and unreserved adherence to each of the General Conditions, which the customer issuing the Purchase Order (hereinafter, the "Customer") declares to know and accept.

4. Customer capacity and conditions
The Client affirms to be of legal age, to be in full mental and cognitive faculties, to know and accept the General Conditions in full, and to have the capacity to freely and voluntarily place a Purchase Order.

5. Orders
Purchase Orders will be sent electronically to Productos Taxidermia through the Store with the use of the technical means provided for this purpose on its website, duly filling in the blanks and the data requested as mandatory.
Productos Taxidermia reserves the right to accept the order.
Once Productos Taxidermia receives the Purchase Order, it will immediately send a confirmation of the sales contract made (hereinafter, the "Confirmation") to the email address indicated in the Purchase Order by the Customer.
For the purposes of these General Conditions it is understood that the Customer places the order on the date on which he pays the price in any of the ways provided for in clause 7.1. In this regard, in case of payment by bank transfer, payment is understood to have been made on the date on which Productos Taxidermia receives the amount of the price in your bank account; Likewise, in cases where the Customer agrees with a financial institution to pay the price, payment will be understood to have been made on the date on which Productos Taxidermia receives the amount of the price in its bank account.

6. Geographical scope
The purchase of Products in the Store is established for the geographical scope of Peninsular Spain and Mallorca (hereinafter, the "Geographical Scope"). Although, the orders that must be delivered in the aforementioned islands, are subject to the special conditions that will be determined expressly communicating it to the buyer.

7. Shipping costs
For purchases equal to or greater than € 300 and whose delivery has to be made within Peninsular Spain, shipping costs are free. Any purchase of an amount less than € 300, will carry an increase of € 45 in shipping costs.
For purchases in Portugal, the Balearic Islands and Andorra, shipping costs will be € 150. Except Formentera that will carry an increase of € 250, for shipping costs.

8. Prices.
The final prices indicated in Taxidermia Products online are in Euros and include VAT, but do not include delivery costs. Delivery costs differ depending on the customer's delivery address and the weight and dimensions of the items ordered. The delivery costs are indicated in the basket and are confirmed when validating the order. Delivery costs are invoiced at the end of the order and are added to the price of the items ordered.
Productos Taxidermia reserves the right to modify its prices at any time, but the products will be invoiced based on the rates in force at the time the order is registered subject to availability on that date. In the case of sales offers, prices only apply during the indicated period of validity of the same or until the stocks of the product offered are exhausted.
8.1-Payment method.
The price of the products will be paid exclusively by any of the following means at the customer's choice:
(1) By card.-The payment service by credit card will be directly provided by the issuing entity and, where appropriate, the corresponding credit institution.
Productos Taxidermia is excluded from any liability in relation to the confidentiality and security of the information and data provided by the Customer on the occasion of payment for their electronic purchases by credit card, to the extent that the processing of such information and data is not exclusively under the control of Productos Taxidermia .
(2) By transfer or deposit in account.- The payment by transfer must be made effective to Productos Taxidermia in the account described.
Remember that it is essential that in the transfer or deposit into account you state the order number that will be provided in the confirmation of your order that we send you.
(3) For PayPal.-If you have a PayPal account, at the end of the order process, you will access your PayPal account and, after verifying the details of your purchase, you can order payment.
(4) Cash on delivery.- The cash on delivery payment consists of the payment of 40% of the order by bank transfer, to the Taxidermia Products account indicated, and 60% to the carrier at the time of delivery and by conformed check. This form of payment does not admit partial deliveries so the delivery time of the order will be that of the product with the longest delivery time.
The customer's order will not be validated until the payment is made in the bank account of Productos Taxidermia (for card payment methods, bank transfer and cash on delivery). If payment is not authorized, the customer's order cannot be accepted. In the case of financed payment, the acceptance of the order will be subject to the final approval of the financing by the financial institution, leaving the order automatically canceled in the event that such approval does not occur.
8.2 -Retention of title
Productos Taxidermia expressly reserves the ownership of the Product until full payment of its price and other amounts that may accrue on the occasion of the sale produced with the confirmation of Productos Taxidermia on the Customer's Purchase Order.

9. Product delivery
The delivery time of the Product by Taxidermia Products to the Customer is that indicated in the Store in relation to the Product in question in each case at the time of sending the corresponding Purchase Order. The delivery time of the Products will be calculated by working days (from Monday to Friday) from the moment in which the processing of your order becomes effective, usually the day after the confirmation of payment.
In the event that several delivery times appear in the same Purchase Order, the delivery of all the Products purchased will be made within the longer term of the Product that integrates your joint order.
If the Customer wishes to have his order delivered within a later period, he must expressly notify Productos Taxidermia. Subsequent delivery may incur an additional charge for storage of goods. Productos Taxidermia will not be responsible if the delivery of Products is not carried out on time due to force majeure or fortuitous event. 

9.2-Transfer of risks
The delivery will be made by making the Product available by Productos Taxidermia or by a third party on behalf of Productos Taxidermia at the address within the Geographical Area indicated by the Customer in the Purchase Order. The Customer assumes the risks of deterioration, impairment, damage and loss of the Products from the moment the Products have been made available to him in accordance with this clause.
In the event that the Products are damaged due to transport, the Customer must indicate the anomalies on the carrier's delivery note. In this case, Productos Taxidermia will repair or replace the defective Products in the shortest possible time. The Customer's failure to provide feedback at the time of delivery is equivalent to his full conformity with the Products received.
The Customer must never throw away the packaging of the products until they are in perfect condition and verify that all the Products match those ordered.

9.3-Access to Products
The Customer will ensure and be responsible that the Products purchased fit through the ordinary accesses (stairs, doors, corridors, etc.) of the property in which they will be delivered.
If the use of mechanical means (pulleys, cranes or elevators) is necessary for delivery, the Customer must notify Productos Taxidermia in advance, and its cost and risk will be borne by the Customer. Once the communication has been received, Productos Taxidermia will communicate the cost of using these means prior to delivery, as well as the new delivery time that will be required due to the provision of these means not initially foreseen.

10. Liability for delivery
Productos Taxidermia will be released from compliance with its delivery obligations provided for in the clause of these General Conditions and declines all responsibility in this regard in the following cases:
(1) Total or partial non-payment by the Customer of the Purchase Order.
(2) Omission or inaccuracy of the information to be provided by the Customer in the Purchase Order at the time of placing the order.
(3) Impossibility of delivery of the order in the indicated place due to lack of adequate access or any other cause attributable to the Customer.
In the event that the Products that make up your order are not delivered due to lack of adequate access or any other cause attributable to the Customer, the Products will be stored in the facilities of Productos Taxidermia, with a storage cost that will vary depending on the days and volume of the Products. Shipment transports to the warehouse and subsequent transports to the place of delivery will be borne by the Customer.

11. Product conditions
The Customer accepts that the colours and shades of the Products appearing in the Store may vary slightly from those received in the order, especially if it is solid furniture or veneered with natural raw materials, leather, stones,
fabrics, if they come from different suppliers or if orders are not placed at the same time. In addition, the monitor or other device from which the Products are viewed may display different tone and color variations from the Product.
The Customer declares to know the measures, forms and disposition of the Products that make up his order according to the specifications expressed in the Store.

12. Product warranty
12.1 -General warranty
In general, unless expressly provided otherwise, all Products are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for a period of two (2) years in accordance with the Law.
To demand the guarantee, the presentation of the purchase invoice is required, which will be available in the Store, within the user account section.
The warranty does not cover displacement, defects caused by bumps, scratches, misuse or normal wear and tear of materials.

In accordance with the provisions of article 44 of the Law on the Regulation of Retail Trade, the customer has 7 working days to communicate the return of a product to Productos Taxidermia, counted from the day of receipt of the order; as long as it has not been assembled and retains the original packaging.
The product must be sent together with the duly completed return form and a copy of the delivery note. In the returns, the customer must take care of the transport costs generated by his return.
The customer must communicate the return to the following eMail account It will be answered with a receipt giving precise instructions on the process to follow. It is essential to keep this receipt as proof.
Subsequently , Productos Taxidermia will contact the customer to indicate the steps to follow for its return. The user must return the product within a maximum period of seven days from when Productos Taxidermia indicates the form of return.
No returns will be accepted after the aforementioned period. Nor will the amount of any product that has been damaged by the customer or whose original packaging is damaged in a way that goes beyond its simple opening be refunded; or it will only be partially refunded.
The customer will receive the money of his return by check, credit card or by transfer. The modalities of return of the money are established by Productos Taxidermia.
In the returns the customer will not have any penalty but must take care of the collection costs (equal to those charged for the shipment) generated by your return.
Products with special measures or manufactured expressly for the customer will not accept exchange or return and in case of cancellation, after more than five days from the confirmation of the order, they will lose the amount delivered on account.

14. Processing of personal data
The Customer authorizes Productos Taxidermia to automatically process the data provided by the Customer in the Purchase Order (hereinafter, the "Personal Data"). Productos Taxidermia will automatically process Personal Data for the uses and purposes as well as under the conditions defined in its Data Protection Policy.
By completing and sending the corresponding Purchase Order, the Customer accepts that their Personal Data will be subject to automated processing by Arepesa Online in the terms indicated in the Personal Data Protection Policy of Productos Taxidermia.

15. Communications
Any communication between the Customer and Productos Taxidermia regarding a specific order, to be valid and binding, will be made at the postal or electronic addresses that appear in the heading for Productos Taxidermia and in which the Client indicates in his Purchase Order.

16. Governing Law
These General Conditions are governed by Spanish law.
Conditions of Sale